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adds the following functionality to Microsoft RICHCOPY:

  • Email notification on 'Success', 'Warnings' or 'Errors'.
  • Smart logfile attachments, e.g. on warnings or errors only.
  • Adds the /MIR parameter, 'mirroring' the destination directory to the source directory (i.e. purging/deleting files AND directories in the destination (click for details)
  • NEW!  Now with logging to the Windows Eventlog
    (click for details

No complicated scripting, just add a few switches.....!

See examples here.


If you got to this page, chances are you are already using Microsoft RichCopy.
There are many file-copy utilities available. However, RichCopy and its older but smaller brother ROBOCOPY, are the only onces doing a decent job of copying files in backup-mode and restartable-mode. It also uses BITS to smartly use bandwidth when it is available and use less bandwidth when there is not. That is why RichCopy is the utility of choice for many IT professionals and enthusiasts.

RichCopy has one big flaw! This powerful utility can be used to copy (or backup) thousands, even millions, of small or (very!) large files during lengthy, often scheduled, jobs. However, when it comes to reporting on the success of such jobs, the best it can do is produce a (often large or humongous!) log file which will have to be manually checked for warnings and errors. There are no options to filter the reports to show warnings and errors only. Nor is there a method to send out email notifications in case of errors or warnings.
Until now!

RichCopyPlus enhances the functionality of RichCopy by addressing the issue of notification and reporting right at the source, acting as a 'wrapper' around your installation of RichCopy, expanding its functionality to include email notification and report filtering.

RichCopyPlus is a command-line utility, just like RichCopy. This means you can run RichCopyPlus from a command-prompt or a batch file just like you do with RichCopy. It accepts exactly the same parameter switches as RichCopy but adds numerous others to provide the reporting and email-notification functionality.
If you have existing batch-files calling RichCopy, you could safely replace the word RichCopy with RichCopyPlus and then add the parameters required to send email notifications, with or without logfiles attached. Existing scheduling of these batch files remains totally unaltered!

Here is a small subset of the most significant parameter switches RichCopyPlus adds to the functionality of your version of RichCopy:


  /from "{address}"  ::  Sender address
    /to "{address}"  ::  Recipient address
  /smtp "{address}"  ::  SMTP server address or name
                ...      ...


          /repError  ::  send email notification only if
                         Errors occured
        /repWarning  ::  send email notification only if
                         Warnings or Errors occured
        /repSuccess  ::  always send email notification

         /attachLog  ::  attach log file (only valid with
                         RICHCOPY /log or /log+)
     /attachWarning  ::  attach log file on Warning and Error
       /attachError  ::  attach log file on Error
                ...      ...


               /mir  ::  Fully 'mirror' Source directory in
                         the Destination directory (purge 
                         orphaned files AND directories)

                ...      ...


A comprehensive list of options is available when running 'RichCopyPlus /help'...

RichoCopyPlus is free to download for a 30-day evaluation.
To continue to use RichCopyPlus after the evaluation period, a one-time license fee of US$19 per installation applies.